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IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode twenty-seven | Meghan Fitzmartin, part one

IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode twenty-seven | Meghan Fitzmartin, part one

Chapter 104: We seem to be made to suffer!


This week, we’re joined by Meghan Fitzmartin (Supernatural / Justice Society: World War II) as we discuss her career, her work in audio and animation, and her DC Comics series Tim Drake: Robin!

Make sure to check out and subscribe to Meghan’s Substack, THE WRITER’S LABYRINTH, by clicking HERE!

IDB is an all-new weekly podcast presented by Ashcan Press and featuring Matthew Rosenberg, the Supple Boiz, and wonderful guests from the world of comic books!

Our theme song is “Where’s the Poison” by Summer People.


Hey there.

Quick update from me. Myself and the Svelte Boys were really excited to have the chance to speak with Meghan for the show this week. Meghan and I arrived for our current runs at DC around the same time and I’ve always had real admiration for what she’s been doing. Her current series TIM DRAKE: ROBIN is a great example. For a while now it’s felt like a lot of mainstream comics are moving toward bigger and bigger spectacle and away from character studies and personal stories. And along comes Meghan making superhero books that don’t feel like anything else at the big 2, stories that feel vital and important to people, stories with something to say, stories overflowing with charm, and humor, and heart, and personality, and stories that feel personal. Her work has been a joy to read as a fan and inspiring to work alongside as a peer. So, of course I had to have her on the show to find out how she does it and steal all her powers.

Go grab all the issues of TIM DRAKE: ROBIN from your local comic shop and pre-order the first collected edition now. But before that, listen to us talk about rivers of rat piss.

Stay safe. Take care of each other. Go mudlarking!

-Matthew Rosenberg

NYC 3/20/23

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