Sep 11 • 40M

IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode fifty-two | Becky Cloonan, part two

Chapter 139: The tracks go off in this direction!

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A weekly podcast where hosts Matthew Rosenberg, Ethan S. Parker, and Griffin Sheridan talk to guests from around the world of comic books. It's fun. It's short. Why not give it a listen?
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This week, we’re joined once again by Becky Cloonan (Wonder Woman / The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys) as we discuss her comics origins, her experience in animation, her new DSTLRY series Somna, and more!

IDB is an all-new weekly podcast presented by Ashcan Press and featuring Matthew Rosenberg, the Supple Boiz, and wonderful guests from the world of comic books!

Our theme song is “Where’s the Poison” by Summer People.


Hello again.

We’re once again joined this week by the peerless Becky Cloonan. And while we don’t have any revelations the size of last week’s reveal that she is the mother Johnny Chimpo, it’s still a super fun listen with one of the best comic creators working today.

Make sure to grab to grab DSTLRY’s new anthology book THE DEVIL’S CUT to get a first look at her new book SOMNA with the also brilliant Tula Lotay.

It’d be so crazy if space had a big D in it, right?

Hope you enjoy the show.

Maybe I’m weird but I like to support my friends. It makes me feel good. But when my friends are actually doing cool stuff, it makes it so much easier, as is the case here. My old pal Neil Rubenstein used to be the frontman for some really great hardcore bands like Sons of Abraham and Irony of Lightfoot. I’ve known Neil for years. He was a staple of the Long Island hardcore scene. He has always been a friend to me (and all), a great source of fun and humor, and we even went on a wildly ill-fated tour together once. But these days he makes his living as a stand-up comic, which seems so much scarier to me than fronting an aggressively Jewish hardcore band touring through small town America, but Neil loves scary shit I guess.

Anyway, he’s just made his first stand-up special. It’s directed by professional friend Michael Dubin and Thursday guitarist Steve Pedulla, released by the fine folks at Equal Vision Records, and FREE TO WATCH on Youtube right now! And yes, it starts with members of Taking Back Sunday talking shit about Kitty Pryde. They’re wrong. We all know it. But we can move past that and enjoy some jokes.

So proud of Neil for making this leap into a new thing and making it look easy. If you got an hour and want to be amused (and maybe a little offended) give it a watch.

That’s it for me.

Stay safe. Take care of each other. Who talks shit about Kitty Pryde?!

-Matthew Rosenberg

NYC 9/11/23

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