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IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode forty-seven | Ben Percy, part one

IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode forty-seven | Ben Percy, part one

Chapter 132: I’m saved!


This week, we’re joined by Ben Percy (Wolverine / Ghost Rider) as we discuss his comics origins, Hollywood development, his new novel American Criminal, and more!

IDB is an all-new weekly podcast presented by Ashcan Press and featuring Matthew Rosenberg, the Supple Boiz, and wonderful guests from the world of comic books!

Our theme song is “Where’s the Poison” by Summer People.


Hi again.

I was very excited to get a chance to catch up with the great Ben Percy for these episodes. Besides having the best voice in comics, Ben’s work is always full of so many of the things I love about comics. From big action to badass dialogue, great character work to gripping high concepts, you always get your money’s worth.

One of his newest books is a gripping novella American Criminal, which I tore through in a single sitting. It’s a great crime story with some gorgeous illustrations by Michael Gaydos. It’s well worth your time and you can grab a copy right here. So give it a read, listen to the podcast, and then go for a nice long walk. Because why not?

In me news, with the release of THE JOKER: KNIGHT TERRORS #2 last week I can say I might have done the most important work of my career.

Stefano Raffaele’s art makes me laugh every time.

If I get fired from all my books tomorrow, I can now be proud of my legacy forever.

But, assuming I don’t get fired tomorrow, let me promote some stuff.

WILDC.A.T.S. #10 is out tomorrow and it’s a fun one. Look at that cool guy on the cover. He’s so awesome. One of the greatest superheroes of all time. All the kids love him. And hey, look at that. Batman is on there too.

And here is a fun interview I did for DC about KNIGHT TERRORS.

Knight Terrors Interview

It’s me, Alex Segura, Tini Howard, Mark Waid, Dennis Culver, and Jeremy Adams answering questions about the event, our greatest fears, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t think I’ve ever been asked in an interview. So give it a read and think about the things that scare you the most.

That’s it for me.

Stay safe. Take care of each other. Fall asleep tonight to Ben Percy saying “Whoever knows fear burns at the touch of Man-Thing!” on a loop tonight.

-Matthew Rosenberg

NYC 8/7/23

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