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IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode eleven | Ryan Stegman, part one

IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode eleven | Ryan Stegman, part one

Chapter 78: I don’t know what you’re talking about!


This week, we’re joined by Ryan Stegman (Venom / Superior Spider-Man) as we discuss his career, his Substack imprint KLC Press, and his new Image series Vanish! This episode and the next were originally livestreamed on the Ashcan Press YouTube channel, and the stream can be found HERE!

Vanish #1 | Image Comics

IDB is an all-new weekly podcast presented by Ashcan Press and featuring Matthew Rosenberg, the Supple Boiz, and wonderful guests from the world of comic books!

Our theme song is “Where’s the Poison” by Summer People


Hello there!

So some of you may notice that today’s podcast sounds familiar. That’s because it is the audio version of our first livestream from a couple months ago, which Mr. Ryan Stegman was kind enough to join us on, but not kind enough to be kind on. We weren’t sure if we were going to make these into actual “podcast” podcasts, but enough of you requested it that the Sickly Bros sprung into action. And voila, new(ish) episode this week. Hope you like it!

And speaking of our fun livestreams, this Wednesday at 6pm we’re having another one. This time we will be joined by writer Kyle Higgins (NIGHTWING / POWER RANGERS / RADIANT BLACK) as we talk about his life, his work, and whatever weird stuff all of you want to talk about. That’s right! Once again we’re taking questions from you dear listeners, either sent as replies to them email, posted in the comments, or asked on the stream itself. And if you’re lucky enough to be our favorite question you will win a cool gift from our friends at THIRD EYE COMICS.

So send in your questions and don’t forget to join on on Wednesday! I’ll send out the link and info then. Or you can subscribe to our Youtube channel, which gets more stuff on it all the time.

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

For example, check out this fun clip of our interview with fun person Kelly Thompson!

The Sickly Bros are working hard to fill it full of good stuff. Don’t make them waste their time more than I already do.

Anyway, that’s it for me.

Stay safe. Take care of each other. Come hang out with me on Wednesday!

-Matthew Rosenberg

NYC 11/28/22

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